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Thanks for stopping by.
In this introductory blog post, I'll be answering many of the important whats, whys and hows regarding the Redwood Blog. This is by no means an exhaustive list, so feel free to contact me directly with questions you may have; I'm always interested in hearing what my readers have to say.

The Redwood Blog

So, for starters, what is this blog about? This blog is for those who wish to cultivate strength, health, resilience and longevity. I'll be posting here on a regular basis, discussing many topics relating to optimal health and strength. I strive to bring you the unadulterated truth, backed by science, logic and empirical evidence, regarding how to live strong healthy vibrant lives well into old age.
Often the most challenging hurdle, but also the most important, is the transition to a plant-based lifestyle. Although, there are obviously many other important topics of discussion regarding optimal health to be reviewed. Most people are unaware that a diet rich in animal products is mutually exclusive with good health. There is a wealth of scientific data that proves this beyond any doubt, which I may review in a future blog post. Sadly, this information is not anything new, we've known this for several decades now. The truth has been hidden, manipulated and obfuscated by big business interests to keep people confused about their health and nutrition to maintain the status quo. This, and many other myths regarding health and fitness, will be thoroughly debunked here, at the Redwood Blog.
Maybe you've had some exposure to plant-based eating already, or maybe this is all completely new to you. No matter, this blog will have all the information you need to make an informed choice and how to make the transition should you choose to live plant-based.

What I'm offering

First things first, I want to connect with you awesome people: my audience. I'll be posting here at the Redwood Blog at least once a week for the foreseeable future, but I'm yet to yet to set any rigid lifetime for this blog. All content here is completely free, so don't forget to Subscribe so that you're notified when new content has been posted and don't miss out on exclusive content only for my subsribees! In the short- to medium-term, I will offer you a number of services, for those who may need one-to-one coaching to devise a nutrition and training regime. In the medium- to long-term, I will be writing some eBooks, for those who want a more comprehensive review of specific topics at a lower cost.

Who can benefit from this blog?

When writing for this blog, I have a specific type of person in mind: young men, between the ages of 18 and 35, who live full lives, but want to continue or begin their strength training on a wholefood plant-based lifestyle. The strength sports I focus on are powerlifting and bodybuilding. This essentially describes me, and therefore my area of expertise, however, anyone with a desire to live strong and healthy can benefit from this blog.
Back before I was living this lifestyle, I was very apprehensive about going plant-based as I believed I may lose my then 7 years of results I had earned through powerlifting. In fact, I put this off for about 2 years to simply procrastinate or gather more research on the matter. Anyone who is in the same boat as I was should hit the Subscribe button immediately so you don't make the same mistakes I did; you have so much to gain from this blog.

What to expect

In terms of health...

A drastic increase in many common ailments you may already be suffering with, as well as a drastic decrease in the odds of developing chronic disease as you age.

Far better storage and usage of energy, which will not only greatly improve your training, but any and all other projects you may be working on.

In terms of fitness...

Far less oxidative stress and inflammation, as well as an improved steady stream of amino acids to your muscles. This is scientific jargon for a faster recovery time which, as I'm sure anyone who has been training any considerable amount of time will know is the holy grail of strength sports.

Greatly improved fat loss, while maintaining lean muscle mass. It has been demonstrated time and again that the fewer animal products eaten, the leaner you will be.

If you want to learn more about how you can gain these benefit, I've got you covered. All of these points will be discussed in great detail in upcoming posts.

Don't be a stranger

I want to hear from you: what topics interest you, what you may be struggling with, what information, services or products you think are lacking in the plant-based weightlifting community. You can always contact me via and be sure to Subscribe so you're notified whenever a new post is online!

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First appeared on 28th April 2019

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